In deep antiquity used masks in the ancient Greek theater . In olden times, in Georgia, peasants , the holiday of harvest was celebrated, arranged "bericaoba" walk of masks. In our days masks decorate carnivals and holidays in many countries of world . All that it is possible to see on an exhibition it is done from material most accessible for us . Take a newspaper or better paper in which wrap up parcels on mail  she is more porous . Saturate well with glue after attach the layer of gauze to her . From soft mass it is possible to do any mask or sculpture . For hairs it is comfortably to use a long bath sponge from a bast . A creator was able to convert the untwined marine rope into the curls of demon . Magnificent cilia can be done from doggy wool .

    Cut at the friend's house woolen bunches on ears, trim and glue on  and evenly straighten . Cilia are ready . Just such are cilia at Tynatyn  (Shota Rustavelli Knight in a tiger hide). Remember it ? ? Above the ocean depth of eyes ink hung by the spears of eye-lash . On a question what material is preferred by an artist for the work , he answered certainly: only paper.  It is possible to make out of marble and from a paper it is good as from a marble. And yet: you never risk to spoil it. Did not so is no misfortune .Take a new paper and create again. However, Sergey Ivanovich did not tell it to the visitors of his exhibitions. It is important: illusion, impression, appearance .






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