Our earth is generous by talents, and you find them frequently where in and you do not wait. On the exhibition of masks in Pereslavl I went with reluctance, but stayed too long there for a long time. She stuns; I saw no masks, and sculptural portraits.
    And all began from that asked Serezha Potapov to do masks for the school evening. Already in 15 years he moulded the first sculpture Ballet-dancer. And with youth years began to carry with modelling of carnival masks. Gradually passed from the image of fairy-tale heroes to literary appearances, because reading was right through life favourite employment. Sergey Ivan knew many works by heart. And if suddenly there was doubting concerning one or another portrait, an artist here quoted lines from the proper fairy-tale, story or poem. Masks more than 100 things on opera, literary, fairy-tale and carnival themes. They conquered enormous popularity at the audience of all ages, official positions and grades. Masks of heroes of Gogol the Dead souls and Inspector taken off on sliding seats, these works were demonstrated at schools of studying.
    In 1967 mask was exhibited in the lobby of the Moscow movie theater Artistic by Decision of the Main Committee VDNKH 508 from May, 31, 1968 participant of exhibition of 1967 year on the pavilion Soviet culture, section in a civilized manner-elucidative establishments for the series of theatrical masks, creation of gallery of masks of characters from the story of Gogol Dead souls . The Main Committee VDNKH awarded the diploma of the second degree, silver-plated medal and money bonus. For all period of exhibitions there are more than 50 books of reviews in all languages of former USSR. Masks were proposed on eleven personal and prestige exhibitions of Russia (Kazan of 1972, 1979, Moscow of 1967 1992) About masks wrote more, than in 20 newspapers in different languages, a letter from Austria is got Vienna from a museum worker in German language. Translated this letter into Russian and printed in the magazines Theatrical life, Light August, 33, 1975, magazine, is a health 3 1978, magazine Club and artistic independent action 6 1980.  Masks were visited by visitants is the minister of culture of RSFSR is Melenev George Serafymovych, Konstandov - council of Ministers of USSR, which were also delighted by a display. They were repeatedly shown on television .
    There were suggestions from foreigners about acquisition of display in private collections.To the masks more than 40 years and for all the time they did not have the permanent apartment. And only now with a favourable economic and political situation in a country the museum of masks declared about itself as private museum.





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