Sergey Ivanovich Potapov was born on March, 30, 1905 in Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl region in family of squire. Family was large: 9 sisters, and 2 brothers. From children Sergey Ivan was most junior. Remaining early without parents  (A father died in 1910 , and mother in 1915) he lived with sisters, then they made a match and left, and he with a kid sister processed three tithes of earth. The brother of his mother was a very talented artist on icons, and visible, it was passed on the inheritance. Making to painting and modelling showed up at all from 11 children, but most it was expressed and was found the embodiment, in the art at Sergey Ivanovich.

    One of sisters, namely Helen Ivan, lived in Moscow. And in the difficult years of soviet power earned on a bread to those that modeled souvenir bas-reliefs from a gypsum and pap'e mashe. These works were saved in private collections . In 1927 Sergey Ivanovich was called to serve in an rmy in the city Nizhniy Novgorod in second radio-regiment. In 1929 came from an army, but coming revolutionary years did not allow to the artist to get back in a paternal house, because all property was passed to the village soviet. A future artist remains without a house, living and departs in Batumy, where settled down on work in Voentorg. Banishment compels all family members to abandon a paternal roof and disperse far on light. The fate of the other family members is not known until now.

   In Batumy Sergey Ivanovich worked in regimental stalls as a salesman, after manager of laundry. There he is found by Great patriotic war. In 1941 called to serve in Poty in military part S.N. S. In 1945 translated to Romania in Constance, in 1946 Translated to Bulgaria Varna, where and served in rows to Soviet Army for 1947 year.

   In the years of service Sergey Ivan constantly applied the talent, to what testify enormous amount of deeds and encouraging letters . On the orders of command executed certain creative tasks (bas-reliefs of Lenin, Stalin and etc). After war went to Sevastopol and served re-enlisted in the rank of petty officer 2th the articles on position of cook. In 1953 came from army and got back in Batumy.




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